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Minding the Service Gap

In Marketing, we can lead a horse to water as the saying goes… what gets the prospect to convert to a client is the experience that they have when making an enquiry.

In the legal sector, a lawyer who practices property law is the same as the lawyer down the street who practices property law… in everything bar service…this can be a USP. Lots of law firms will say their USP is their client service but is it really?!

Lots of firms are talking about ROI in marketing, now this is difficult to measure for a number of reasons but a big one is that if they aren’t converting to a client it may not be included in your stats for an ROI. That, however, is not the fault of marketing.

We work closely with all of our clients to understand a client’s journey when making an enquiry of the firm whether that’s by web, phone or a walk in.

How many times have you walked in to your firm through the client entrance rather than the staff door? Do you ever sit in reception and look around? Is it tidy, can you hear what is being said in the meeting rooms?

When I was in house at a firm, I would often call the switchboard rather than a direct dial to ensure that what I thought was being experienced by new callers was the case. It is a really quick and easy way to check that things are working as they should and making sure that you aren’t unnecessarily losing business. This is something you should all try from time to time.

We had a client recently that when calling them we continually got an engaged tone. Identifying this early on has been vital to the business, as how many people would keep calling when getting an engaged tone?

Some stats that were shared with me recently talked about minding the gap between the service a firm think they are providing and what the client believes they receive. In the example given 80% of business owners said they provided excellent service and when the clients of those same businesses were asked only 8% agreed…

So, what is going wrong? We simply don’t know what our clients think! Yes, the law firms are all doing their mandatory client satisfaction questionnaires at the end of a matter but what % of these get returned, and do the people who are ambivalent about the service bother?

We must get better at this to succeed and grow…

What can you put in place today to help make this happen?

Lara Squires is Director of Consortium Business Solutions, a niche marketing agency specialising in professional services firms. Visit Consortium in the exhibition area at LegalCX.

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