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CX – Customer Experience v The Customer Journey

Understanding that the “customer experience” and the “customer journey” are not the same thing is probably the best place to start. Too many people confuse each of these areas as being the same.

Customer experience - is the product of an interaction between an organisation and a customer

over the duration of their relationship.

Customer journey – User journeys describe at a high level of detail exactly what steps different users take to complete a specific task within a system, application or website e.g.:

  • Searching for contact details or a particular service

  • Filling in a form via the desktop or mobile responsive presentation of your website

  • Engaging with a chatbot or interactive 1-to-1 instant messaging

  • Downloading information or paying a bill online

All the above have an impact on your clients be it in a virtual world or physical. The majority of law firms pride themselves on offering great service. But every firm says this, so how can you truly make yourself different and stand out from the crowd? We talk to clients about “being different, not better”! There is no sure quick-fire way, each firm is going to be different. Your client base, service area and location will vary on the results you want to achieve.

For the customer journey, it will most likely be your website presence. How easy is it to navigate

your website? Are your forms over complicated? Can I find your contact number or address without having to click through multiple areas? Your social media presence and how fast you respond to complaints online will also be key. Additionally, you should track and measure your website performance through great tools such as heat mapping and via Google Analytics. Always test and refine your approach. The client journey will not be the same for every client. Let’s take conveyancing for example, a new home buyer might be price conscious and need some extra handholding. Whereas, a person looking to get divorced may require a more sensitive approach.

Lastly, is your website fast and efficient for multiple devices?

Here are four simple tips to refine your client’s journey and experience

  1. Ask some of your newest clients how they found your website? Did they find the necessary information they needed?

  2. Use a website tool such as Crazy Egg to understand how people navigate around your website

  3. Start mapping your client’s journey, you will discover not everyone takes the same route

  4. Have a policy in place to deal with any social interaction. Social media is already playing a huge role around law firm’s customer service.

Not sure of your client’s journey? Want to improve your clients’ digital experience, then give me a

call on 0117 325 0521 or rich@conscious.co.uk and lets have coffee to discuss further.

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