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Beyond the buzzwords: Why employee wellbeing is critical for success

Employee engagement, employer branding, staff wellbeing, workplace culture. These phrases have quickly become part of the business vernacular, but what do they actually mean? How do these concepts affect your firm, and why should you care about them?

Employee retention

Good people are hard to find, they’re even harder to keep hold of. Unsurprisingly, there are very few people who would be happy to stay in a role where they feel undervalued. In today’s competitive market, offering something more than the standard is key to preventing employees from handing in their notice and keeping staff turnover to a minimum.

Client service

Creating an environment your team are happy to work in every day not only contributes to their wellbeing, but also maximises productivity; inspiring your team to deliver excellence on your behalf. To put it another way - look after your people and they’ll look after your clients.

Business continuity

High staff churn damages credibility. Your clients want to build a relationship with your firm, and that means getting to know the people who work there. If staff leave regularly, it can be impossible to foster lasting business relationships.

Brand image

Well-trained and supported staff will give consistently excellent service to your clients. Moreover, by empowering your people and creating a culture that makes them feel they are part of something important, you will turn employees into your most vocal brand-ambassadors.

Uncover the value of a fully engaged workforce

Moneypenny’s Head of Business Development, Claire Smith, will discuss the cost-effective approaches to positive workplace culture that every firm can (and should) implement.

Moneypenny has featured in The Sunday Times ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ 6 times, twice receiving a top 5 spot. With her trusted box of props, Claire will share insights on building an award-worthy work environment. You’ll discover the impact of workplace culture on client service and leave with practical advice on employee engagement, retention and wellbeing.

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