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One conversation

Hear how a 17,000 people organisation got employee engagement across 350 locations; with key takeaways and lessons that all law firms can apply.


HM Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS) is a substantial organisation comprising 17,000 staff operating from 350 courthouses and hearing centres across the UK. In 2016, HMCTS embarked on a massive transformation programme to revolutionise the way justice is delivered.  It is the largest reformation of any justice system in the world.

In this highly informative session, we are delighted to have secured Faran Johnson as our key note speaker.  Faran was the HR Director at HMCTS and played a significant role in the transformation programme. Faran will describe the scale of the transformation challenge, their people and organisation strategy, and their approach to employee engagement called One Conversation. 


Faran is now Managing Director of Engage for Success, a growing, dynamic, voluntary movement promoting employee engagement as a better way to work that benefits individual employees, teams, and whole organisations.



HMCTS is responsible for the administration of criminal, civil and family courts and tribunals in England and Wales – and non-devolved tribunals in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Handling about four million cases a year, they operate from around 350 courthouses and hearing centres, and employ over 17,000 people.

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