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Winning new business is a key objective for most law firms this year, but it is true to say that the art of handling new enquiries is not something that comes naturally for everyone.

It is common practice to direct potential customers to fee earners for advice and pricing. However, those same fee earners are already responsible for the experience of your existing clients, and so adding new business enquiries to their workload can compromise the customer experience.

Even more so for departments that regularly receive a high volume of inbound calls. If everyone is busy, a call may be left unanswered or, even worse, answered by someone who hates the phone! The end result? Potential customers believing you’re too busy and going elsewhere.

You may already be considering alternative methods for converting new enquiries, such as creating a dedicated new business team, or making use of quote conversion tools. Whatever you decide, the customer experience must be at the heart, as you never get a second chance to create a first impression.

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